Next generation USPS EVS Manifesting API solution

Finally, there’s a cloud-based parcel solution for the commercial market that automates every facet of sending parcels through the USPS®. Meet ParcelPrep™, a next-generation, multi-carrier API parcel solution with an emphasis on last-mile delivery. This software was designed for large-volume enterprise clients and has unmatched flexibility, speed, and reliability.

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  • Unique-piece license plate assignment
  • Encoded ZPL label response in milliseconds
  • Best of breed CASS engine for improved address matching
  • COA (change of address) options for subscription-based shippers
  • Mitigate returns and unnecessary spoilage
  • Dynamic, user-managed zip code to facility mapping
  • Creation of USPS containers and labels
  • Association of package to container meets USPS® nesting requirements
  • Utilizes shipping services file 2.0
  • User-managed piece rates to support USPS® NSA rates
  • Captures complete life cycle from ASN creation to final delivery
  • Realtime collection of USPS and third-party package tracking
  • Electronic feed to third-party systems
  • Self-managed cloud-based system
  • No hardware requirements
  • Flexible deployment and integrations (domestic and international)

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ParcelPrep™ is an incredibly powerful tool. Each package, once entered into the system, has a USPS label generated with preprinted address and postal data, plus a unique package serial number. Delivery service providers play a critical role in the delivery of parcels to the USPS destination entry location. It provides the greatest level of tracking capabilities available anywhere, by tracking each container as well as the actual package.

Reporting functions of ParcelPrep™ are highly sophisticated and also customizable. At a designated time each day, an automated process generates a manifest of packages submitted to the USPS and transmits it to the USPS eVS system. Customers receive an email communicating the quantity and weight by carrier and service level.

Scan data is sent to the ParcelPrep™ servers throughout the whole life cycle of the package within the USPS. The software then matches these transactional scans with package records and associates the USPS event data.

ParcelPrep™ captures and stores the complete life of a package from the moment the ASN record is created until the final delivery. It’s a unique software solution with an enormous capability to drive decision making and apply business rules in support of your own operational requirements.

Parcel Prep