About Us

Discover the Engine Behind Major Mailing Success

Our advanced technology is the powerhouse for top-tier mailers and shippers, expertly handling billions of letters annually and millions of packages each week. With an understanding of the postal system that surpasses the ordinary, we are not just experts – we are innovators in the postal realm. Our deep knowledge and unique expertise are tailored to optimize efficiency within the vast postal network, while intimately aligning with your specific internal processes and requirements. Experience unparalleled postal efficiency and success with TEC Mailing Solutions.

Philosophy: “We start with the end in mind!”




How We Help Our Customers Succeed:

  • Expertise in postal technology and processes
  • High-speed label printing and application
  • Reliable, 100% hosted solutions
  • Advanced API for seamless augmentation of existing solutions.
  • Advanced drop shipping with nesting

How We Deliver More Cost Savings and Better Customer Experiences:

  • Unmatched delivery performance with Verify and Confirm with Deliverability Index
    • Address verification and delivery point confirmation
    • Confirms recipients current address through USPS CoA
  • Deliverability index for cost-effective shipping choices
  • Full label life cycle from creation to delivery to refund


Mastering Postal Complexity

At the heart of our mission is a dedicated focus on simplifying the postal process. We understand the intricacies of the world’s largest and most complex delivery network, and we’re here to bridge the technological gap for major shippers. Our unique value lies in seamlessly connecting your organization to the postal world. With our innovative approach, we simplify an array of postal requirements, integrate additional carriers, and streamline a collection of business rules, all through a single, efficient RESTful API.

Our solution stands out from the crowd, including the Postal Service’s own APIs, by integrating every piece of technology necessary for your success. When considering your Merchant Rate Card (MRC) or Network Service Agreement (NSA) needs, remember, standard PC Postage might fall short and simply won’t offer the array of benefits designed to automate the entire process. Ask about supported submission methods to ensure you make the most informed decision for your mailing needs.

  • USPS Ship API
  • eVS


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