Next Generation Enterprise Parcel and Mailing Solutions

Elevate Your Business with Advanced Enterprise Parcel and Mailing Solutions

Step into the future of enterprise mailing and parcel management. Our Next Generation Solutions are tailored for forward-thinking businesses seeking to elevate their mailing processes and automate slow and redundant processes. Experience unparalleled efficiency and cutting-edge technology that propels your enterprise to the forefront of the shipping and mailing industry.

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Key Values Driving Your Success:

  • Ultra-fast print and apply capabilities
  • Seamless integration with existing TMS/WMS
  • Advanced drop shipping functionality
  • Customizable merchant rate cards
  • SOC I attestation for security
  • User-friendly RESTful API integration
  • One API connection for all the resources you require: address verification, change of address, rate comparison, automated business rules, charge/ expense accounting, advanced tracking details, multi carrier, consolidation and drop ship options, simplified refund for unmanifested pieces.  Learn More >
  • Unique-piece license plate assignment
  • Encoded ZPL label response in milliseconds
  • Best of breed CASS engine for improved address matching
  • COA (change of address) options for subscription-based shippers
  • Mitigate returns and unnecessary spoilage
  • Dynamic, user-managed zip code to facility mapping
  • Creation of USPS containers and labels
  • Association of package to container meets USPS® nesting requirements
  • Utilizes shipping services file 2.0
  • User-managed piece rates to support USPS® NSA rates
  • Captures complete life cycle from ASN creation to final delivery
  • Realtime collection of USPS and third-party package tracking
  • Electronic feed to third-party systems
  • Self-managed cloud-based system
  • No hardware requirements
  • Flexible deployment and integrations (domestic and international)

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