Frequently Asked Questions

  • Direct USPS connection
  • Speed and efficiency of the API
  • Support for drop shipping and PMOD
  • Comprehensive rate card support
  • Comparisons with other major shipping APIs


1) Is ParcelPrep directly connected to the USPS or is there an intermediary?
Unlike most of the solutions on the market ParcelPrep connects directly to the USPS and not through a third-party label provider.
2) What is the speed and efficiency of the API?
Speed can be a significant challenge for most label APIs. To start, most requests include rate shopping and other ancillary items which create undesired latency. ParcelPrep API is a next generation solution built from the ground up to be lighting fast. You can kiss the slow, tortured process of most legacy providers goodbye from the first day using our API. Our team of experts can help assess all your labeling/manifesting needs and provide specific speed and efficiency estimates for your shipping environment.
3) Do you support drop shipping?
ParcelPrep API is one of the few solutions that can produce a direct entry manifest for USPS. In addition, we are huge fans of Priority Mail Open and Distribute (PMOD) Service which utilizes the service level of Priority Mail for the middle mile. There are few instances where you can save money while enhancing your performance delivery, PMOD is one of them.
4) Does TEC Mailing Solutions support a Merchant Rate Card (MRC) or Negotiated Service Agreement (NSA)?
We can support a multitude of merchant rate cards in addition to the eVS manifesting technology that’s required by USPS to utilize those rates. We support Negotiated Service Agreements rates and can help make sure your company is maximizing your use of the agreement.
5) What makes ParcelPrep better than any other parcel shipping or mail preparation API?
Our team starts with a detailed understanding of your needs and challenges when it comes to shipping and mailing. Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor your solutions with some unique value propositions, including:

  • Print shipping labels and manifest for Destination Entry Prices
    • Supports: Parcel Select
    • Most shipping software providers only support origin entry labels
  • Produces labels for market dominate categories
    • Supports: Bound Printed Matter, Marketing and Library Mail
    • Advanced Address Verification with Change of Address services
6) How does your enterprise solution compare to DHL ecommerce, Mail Innovations, Sure Post or Newgistics/Pitney?
All of these small parcel offerings offered by the various carriers started as USPS workshare services, where the carrier consolidated shipments and utilized postal induction services to get the individual packages delivered. All of these carrier options are driven by technology that facilitates effective and accurate sortation and containerization of parcels in high volumes. ParcelPrep provides the software and solutions required by every package consolidation warehouse, provider, and carrier.

While TEC Mailing has asset-based partners, we do not provide consolidation services. Our partners tend to focus on expedited delivery and offer higher performance service levels. We’re happy to make an introduction if you are looking for a direct provider of parcel or mail consolidation services. If you have your own asset base for consolidation and the shipping volume to support building out the network, we would be your best choice in the market, PERIOD.

7) Does ParcelPrep produce labels for BPM (Found Printed Matter)?
Yes, ParcelPrep produces BPM labels along with the drop shipping capabilities for direct entry.


Questions You Need to Be Asking

  1. Does the ParcelPrep API produce labels for market dominant products like bound printed matter?
  2. How does your solution help with the deliverability of a package?
  3. How does your solution help with our UX?